The Rescuing of Navidad


Navidad is the community-given name of a large white and tan dog that was dumped on the streets of Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico on Christmas Day. He was known around our community for being lost, scared, untrusting to the point of being protective. The rumors of him being from an abusive home circulated as quickly as the information about him being dumped in the plaza and alone.

Many members of the community immediately became concerned once they saw this timid and shy little guy hiding in the park and crying out for his parents. We do not know who abandoned him ther (with no collar or tags), or why, but we do know he was just 3 years-old, was healthy, had already been neutered, and seemingly was from a responsible home.

Navidad, or "Navi" as he came to be called, started going through behavior cycles once he started receiving a lot of local attention. Navi would show that he really wanted to be pet and cared for, but could not bring himself to be touched. People would put out food, or try make contact with him, but he was just too traumatized. We were all excited to see Navi finally following around people or hearing the reports of him approaching large groups of tourists. Finally Navi was coming around.

Then he was gone.

Only 3 months or so into his new life in the streets of Viejo San Juan, Navidad was struck by a car.  Again, he was so traumatized he could not be approached by any humans, but he was visibly in pain. He retreated into the spaces within the wall around El Morro, and hid for months. Once he was feeling better, Navi started to come out and play with groups of local dogs that would roam the streets during the day. He could be seen running around and playing, as happy as could be around other dogs, but even more untrusting around humans.

Almost incomprehensibly, Navidad eventually tried a third time to reach out to humans. One man who took a particular interest in him would walk with him to El Morro, and they would sit on the grass and share a snack of deli meat, cheese, or fruit. Not once did Navi let his human friend touch him, but they had a mutual understanding and a great new friendship. Also Navidad had pulled the heartstrings of the employees of the Bakllajar building, that was connected to the plaza Navi was living in. Security guards, maintenance workers, and almost everyone who entered and exited the building cared very much for Navidad, and hoped he would have a better life.

One Sunday Navidad approached a group of tourists. The parents decided it was a good idea for their children to play with Navi, and the children chased him, screaming and running around. Navidad was frightened, but still remained and tried to be social. With no supervision, the children continued to try to play with Navidad, and eventuallyt he snapped at one of the children. Although he did not physically touch the child, or any of the family members, and there was no bite, mark, or blood, the father went to the police saying that his family was brutally attacked, and demanded that Navidad was to be put down immediately. Obviously our community sprung into action with constant visits and calls to the local municipal shelter once he was caught. Navidad was released once he was vaccinated and it was revealed he had already been neutered.

Now we know that Navi is deaf in both ears (over 80%), and we realize how hard this journey has been for him. He is in a great foster, but two years have gone by, looking for that special home for a special needs pup. If you are interested in helping Navi get adopted, please contact Walkstar Dog Walking!

For Adoption

We here at Walkstar have recently decided to help our very dear client who, for medical reasons, had to give up all of their pups! This family is broken hearted, but has older members that cannot give care any longer. Walkstar has been up day and night providing care and promotion for these GREAT dogs to be rehomed, and with thanks and love to All Satos Rescue, we have been successful in rehoming some of these angels.

These are a couple of the babies we have that are looking for new homes.

Our little Negra is fun, playful, completely vetted, and is looking for a home! She is family oriented, great with other pets, and loves all human family members. Please contact Walkstar Animal Network for more info!

Full medical history and behavior report available!

Pinto is a recent adoption, who has 1 ½ years, and is still a lovable, friendly, sweet, playful pup! He is vetted and is quick to learn! He loves all family members, and all other pets. For adoption inquiries, please contact Walkstar Animal Network at

For Pet Parents Visiting Puerto Rico

If you are pet parents planning a vacation with your little one(s) to our area, we offer accommodations perfect for those long days of sight-seeing, trips to our sister islands, lengthy spa appointments,  or a romantic getaways!

Here are some sites that might come in handy for your trip organization!

Pet Travel Rules for Entering Puerto Rico:

Pet-friendly Hotels in the San Juan area:

Air Travel Tips:

How to Tame Hyperactive Cats

Not sure I've seen many hyperactive cats, but if you spot one, here's how to tame the wild beast!

Loose Leash Walking

This is a great video with training tips on how to get your dog to stop pulling on the leash. I would have loved to see this woman use a medium or larger breed dog, but the message is still clear with the tiny dog that is pulling ahead.

Pulling is easily corrected once your little one establishes a relationship with you when you are on the other side of the leash. Is your pup at your heels in the house, but then drags you around town once you get to the street?It is important your dog keep a connection with you by glancing up, feeling when you have stopped or turned around, and not getting to far ahead (tense leash). Once a connection is established, some light training can change tho whole dynamic of your daily walk!


AromaPet Products!

AromaPet is an amazing line of locally made pet care products! All natural shampoos, flea and tick repellants, and more are are available through the VSJ Organic Market, La Chiwinha in Rio Piedras, El Departamento de la Comida, or through Walkstar Dog Walking.

Keeping Healthy in this HEAT

Of course we love the heat.. we live in the Caribbean, right? But temperatures & humidity this high can be very dangerous for our fur-covered friends. Island myths say that our animals are "used to" the heat and have developed an immunity to high temperatures. We're here to say this is not true, and special precautions have to be taken even when our little ones are indoors, or patio bound. Here are some tips to keep our friends healthy, comfortable,  & happy.

 * Dogs & cats alike need fresh cold water throughout the day. Leaving ice cubes in their bowls in the hottest part of the day will help them stay hydrated, and make sure to keep metal bowls from direct sunlight.

* Try to schedule dog exercise in the early morning or evening. Pavement is hot during the day, and it is easy for them to burn their sensitive pads, overheat, dehydrate, or fatigue easily. Overweight, short-nosed, or older dogs should be watched closely while exercising, and should be given fresh water often.

* Remember, a dog outside needs shade, and lots of it. If placed in direct sunlight, the inside of a dog shelter can reach the same temperatures as the inside of a hot car. Try making your pet's relaxing area in a shaded environment, preferably an area with a breeze.

* Summer grooming is a great idea, and some breeds need their undercoat lifted to feel the great off-shore breezes.  Just be careful your little one's new style isn't too short. If their skin is exposed, a bit of sunscreen might be a good idea... also the nose and tips of the ears may need a little as well.

* And as always, it is NEVER a good idea to leave your pet alone in a car. Even with a window cracked or completely down, the temperature inside a car can get over 100° in less than an hour. Cars can act like pressure cookers, and our little ones should never be left alone in a car.

Our Clients/Nuestros Clientes

Walkstar is always snapping photos of our cutie could we pass on such precious opportunities? These are some of our favorites!

Walkstar siempre tomando fotos de nuestros niños lindos durante los paseos. ¿Cómo se puede perder estas oportunidades preciosas? Éstos son algunos de nuestros favoritos!

Denali recibir el amor de un local de San Juan

Nuestro pequeña Lana, siempre feliz cuando fuera en el aire fresco!

Marley después de correr con su hermano y hermana en el Morro!

Lulu le encanta hacer nuevos amigos dondequiera que va!
Your little ones may have interesting adventures while you're at work or with friends! Walkstar Call today (787) 698-9769 or click on the link in the top menu!

Su perros pueden tener aventuras interesantes mientras estás en el trabajo o con los amigos! Llame Walkstar hoy a (787) 698-9769 o haga clic en el enlace en el menú de arriba!

El Walkstar Doggie Stop!

Gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron en el Walkstar Doggie Stop este sábado! Desde el museo no permite que los perros entren en el Mercado Agrícola Natural, Walkstar ofrece cuidado del perro gratuitamente a la comunidad para que todos puedan disfrutar de los productos frescos del mercado!
Nos encanta ver a nuestros clientes y vecinos vienen a saludar, y sobre todo conocer a nuevos amigos!

Estamos listos para la diversión!

Little Simon se divierten con la presidenta de Walkstar, Sharon Carlaine!

Lulu está lista para jugar con su amiga Zorra!

Aprueban que se elimine la prohibición de los perros de raza pitbull

De acuerdo con el artículo Ivelisse Rivera Quiñones en periódico Primera Hora de hoy, el Departamento de Agricultura de agrónomo, Carmen Oliver, habló negativamente sobre el tema de la legislación raza específica (BSL) aquí en Puerto Rico.

 Dr. Ernesto Casta, el presidente del Colegio de Veterinarios, también tuvo palabras amables para la raza específica, y recordó a todos que cualquier tamaño o raza de perro tiene la posibilidad de ser peligrosa si maltratado.

 El artículo completo se puede leer aquí.

La Perla Cat Project

PHEW!! The holidays are officially over! This is a very special time of year, and Walkstar enjoyed a HUGE boost in business during the 5 weeks around the new year! Our reward? Many doggie kisses, cat purrs, and happy families!

To celebrate Walkstar's success, we've decided to start our non-profit projects way ahead of schedule. One of Walkstar's main focuses in 2013 will be the trapping, neutering, vaccinating (and hopefully) adoption of La Perla's street cats! In the history of La Perla, not one organization has ever trapped "healthy" cats for sterilization or routine health examinations. It is reported that a cat gives birth to a litter of kittens every 2 weeks with the average litter being of 9 kittens, and from what we have seen we believe it! These areas need HELP!

Walkstar will be focusing on the 3 main colonies in the La Perla community of San Juan, then to the smaller colonies, then onto the roaming feral cats, all together projecting about 200 cats. Nothing about this project seems easy, but with great volunteers, private funding, municipal help, and loving vets, clinics, & shelters, we are planning to have this project completed within the year.

The real problem? Our first meetings with La Perla residents and business owners lead us to many street cats, of whom we had certain expectations of. Let's face it, La Perla's kind of a rough place, and we were expecting rough cats. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cats we encountered were young, in great health (for the most part), sweet, friendly, and very VERY loving. Now what do we do? It is easier to return a feral cat to the street than a cat who would fit perfectly in any home! The La Perla Cat Project will soon have a second part- helping to find these babes homes so they do not have to return to the streets.

If you would like to volunteer some of your time to fostering, transporating, or caring for these cats & kittens, please contact us at Donations can be sent using Paypal to, and 100% of donations received will fund this project ♥

¡¡Felicidades de Walkstar!!

Hola padres de mascotas! Las vacaciones se acercan, y nadie sabe cómo celebrar como lo hacemos aquí en Puerto Rico! Aquí está una lista de cosas que hay que recordar para mantener nuestros niños felices también. Este es un momento muy especial del año para todos nosotros, así que vamos a jugar seguro!

COMIDA: Todos sabemos que este es uno de los principales focos de las vacaciones! Muchos de los alimentos de nuestras vacaciones no son para nuestros animales. Postres, dulces (especialmente chocolate), el azúcar, el alcohol, los huesos y los
alimentos grasos, grasosos o condimentados no debe ser ingerido por los animales domésticos. Mira miembros de la familia dan "premios" a sus mascotas, y por favor controlar el bote de basura!

FLORES: Ver gatito en la mesa olfatear la pieza central hermosa? Después de tomar la foto que sabemos que todos vamos
a "me gusta" en Facebook, por favor, tenga gatitos cachorros (y) de distancia de las flores. Existen muchos tipos de flores holiday pueden causar digestivo
irritación y / o vómitos, algunos incluso pueden causar insuficiencia renal.

ÁRBOLES: El árbol de Navidad es sin duda el otro punto focal de las vacaciones a sus pequeños '! Por favor, considere dejar el tercio inferior del árbol sin luces y con adornos que sólo son de plástico o de madera. Adornos de vidrio y cinta, el oropel, luces, cables de luz, ganchos ornamento, y la nieve falsa puede ser muy atractivo para los gatos y los perros por igual, y todos pueden causar obstrucción intestinal físico, ser peligrosos para su salud física o fatal. Además, el agua del árbol puede contener contaminantes, productos químicos, bacterias o fertalizers. Esto no es una placa de beber, y puede ser muy peligroso de ingerido.

Nuevas mascotas: Por favor, tome mi consejo, y nunca sorprender a un ser querido con EL REGALO DE UN MIEMBRO DE LA FAMILIA DE LAS VACACIONES. Claro que parece romántico en las películas, los niños de la planta baja que viene y un cachorro esperando con un gran lazo rojo alrededor de su cuello y toda la familia continúa a tener un momento Hallmark, pero la realidad es que las vacaciones son un momento agitado de tener un casa completa o de otros visitantes. No sólo los muchos peligros que surgen en estos tiempos que no suelen estar presentes, pero también no se trata de una estancia tranquila y paciente, donde el animal pueda estudiar su nuevo entorno en paz al obtener la atención que necesita desesperadamente. Miedo, confusión y sentimientos de abandono puede configurar fácilmente en en lo que se supone que es un día muy feliz para usted y para el pequeño! Optar por otras formas de invitar la presencia de la mascota en su casa, envolviendo juguetes y cuencos para mascotas, correas, etc, o dando una foto enmarcada del nuevo miembro de la familia, entonces usted puede hacer arreglos para todo el grupo para que él / ella juntos a casa cuando las cosas se calmen!

Por favor, recuerde que debe tratar de mantener los tiempos de tu pequeño ejercicio y alimentación lo más cerca posible a su horario regular, y si es posible, mantener los fuegos artificiales de su familia (y balas!) Para alojarse un mínimo. Los ruidos fuertes pueden aterrorizar incluso los animales más seguros. Si es posible, considere la posibilidad de nuestros amigos peludos una habitación o espacio donde pueden buscar tranquilo si lo necesitan.

Walkstar desea a todos nuestros clientes, amigos, vecinos, y los más pequeños una temporada de vacaciones increíbles y un seguro y feliz 2013!!


Walkstar gustaría aprovechar esta oportunidad para agradecer a todos nuestros amigos, vecinos, familiares, y clientes, por sus referencias maravillosas! Nuestro negocio está despegando sin ningún problema, y se lo debemos todo a los que creen en nosotros, confíe en nosotros con sus familiares, y nos dan la confianza para crecer y compartir más amor con nuestra comunidad todos los días.

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce tiene una agenda muy ocupada y desea una consulta gratis, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy en 787 698 9769 o envíenos un email a


Biodegradable Pick Up Bags- Where It's At.

We all know that sustainable is in, and plastics (especially those funky "disposable" ones) are out. Why shouldn't picking up the "do" be any different? Here's a great article on the importance of the Bio-D, just in case further persuasion is needed...